Ankit Shukla

Ankit’s role in Kalpakrit is to deliver and ensure desired outcome for the complete project cycle of any project. Prior to joining Kalpakrit Ankit was a trainer in eQUEST and Design Builder in Grob Design PVT LTD Jaipur. He has carried out research in the area of energy efficiency of buildings and published research papers in international journals. He is a LEED Accredited Professional, IGBC Accredited Professional and GRIHA Certified Professional. He is also involved with the demonstration projects of BEE-UNDP-GEF for ECBC compliance in commercial buildings in various states of India. He has worked on software like eQUEST, Design Buildier, Ecotect and Pro-E. At Kalpakrit where he is actively involved in building energy simulation, facilitation for LEED, IGBC and GRIHA projects, third party commissioning of building, research, education and business development.

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