Alpana Jain

Alpana has experience of over 16 years in the areas of policy solutions that encourage sustainable development and energy efficiency. At Kalpakrit she is a tour de force on strategic matters pertaining to business development, and human resource management. She has worked on various policy formulation and implementation mechanisms for the Government of India — including the development and implementation of the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) 2007 for the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, MoP. She has been actively involved in helping the Bureau in implementing the Standards and labeling program for appliances in India. She was involved in preparing the draft building energy code for Bhutan and the Pacific Islands.
Her grounding has been on various architectural and building energy simulation projects in India and the United States. She has presented her research in various conferences and seminars across the globe. She provided consultancy services to Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, New Delhi that is a regional partner to the Climate Works Foundation, San Francisco. There she facilitated policy change in the area of building and appliance energy efficiency to mitigate carbon emissions.
Currently she is also offering consultancy services to The Nature Coservancy, USA with their Cities and Water program initiatives in India.
In the past she has been involved in the design of a high mass residence with a radiant convective system for space conditioning in Carefree, Arizona; and simulation of moisture migration in walls of a Smithsonian museum in Washington DC. While in US she was actively involved in organizing the USGBC’s National Capital Region chapter’s monthly meets and seminars.
Apart from her preoccupation with energy efficiency, Alpana takes keen interest in early childhood education, is an amateur potter and loves spending time with her two little daughters.

Neeraj Kapoor

Neeraj, founder and Managing Director of Kalpakrit, is experienced in addressing issues of energy conservation, efficiency, thermodynamics, thermal comfort, reduction of CO2 emissions and environmental sensitivity in the built environment.
He brings to Kalpakrit an experience of more than 15 years in environmentally sensitive architectural solutions and energy efficiency. His has been involved with specialization in whole building energy simulation modeling, development of energy conservation and energy efficiency measures, analysis for demand side management (DSM) incentives, facility audits, LEED® design and documentation assistance and facility assessments for various building types. His experience also includes modeling evaporation using CFD, doing thermal comfort assessment and daylighting analysis. He has been a presenter and published research papers in various fora.
Neeraj had been involved with formulating an implementation strategy for ECBC 2007 for buildings’ in the State of Tamil Nadu. He had worked for a key market study towards devising Demand-Side Management programs for the Power Sector in incentivizing building energy efficiency. Lately, he has been working with the post graduate Urban Design Department of the School of Planning and Architecture in the area of policy recommendations for Architectural Controls in the hilly ru-burbs of Himachal. He features as one of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency’s (BEE’s) ECBC Empaneled Architects. He is also keenly involved with the education sector featuring on the Task Force for Lady Irwin College, Delhi University’s postgraduate program in the environment and resource management. He has been a visiting faculty for the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), CPWD Training Institute and is currently a Visiting Associate Professor at CEPT University, Ahmedabad.
In the past Neeraj has been a member and an official fundraiser of the Washington DC chapter of the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) knowledge group – Committee on the Environment (COTE-DC). Neeraj fosters a passion for environmental issues and the arts – the first kindled by the true scientific quest and the other beauty.

Ankit Shukla

Ankit’s role in Kalpakrit is to deliver and ensure desired outcome for the complete project cycle of any project. Prior to joining Kalpakrit Ankit was a trainer in eQUEST and Design Builder in Grob Design PVT LTD Jaipur. He has carried out research in the area of energy efficiency of buildings and published research papers in international journals. He is a LEED Accredited Professional, IGBC Accredited Professional and GRIHA Certified Professional. He is also involved with the demonstration projects of BEE-UNDP-GEF for ECBC compliance in commercial buildings in various states of India. He has worked on software like eQUEST, Design Buildier, Ecotect and Pro-E. At Kalpakrit where he is actively involved in building energy simulation, facilitation for LEED, IGBC and GRIHA projects, third party commissioning of building, research, education and business development.

Vineet Sharma

Vineet is the energy efficiency expert who ensures performance outcomes in the area of electrical and mechanical engineering of building design. His experience includes working on thermal comfort, energy efficiency, whole building energy simulations, renewable energy system design, HVAC design, and artificial lighting analysis for green building projects and code compliance. He has a past experience of working at Grob Design Private Limited, Jaipur where he has worked on computational fluid dynamics (Fluent 14.5) and thermal comfort analysis. He has carried out research in the area of heat transfer and thermal comfort and published research papers at ICCMS (IIT Bombay) and ICFIDCAA.